Amanda-GreenFences provide your home with added security, privacy, plus a little beauty. In the event you are thinking about replacing your fence or are putting up a fence in your property for the first time, there may be more things. Be sure you consider all of the following items before proceeding with erecting a fence.

There are lots of options as it pertains to fencing material. It’s possible for you to choose chain link, vinyl, steel, iron, or wood–and should you choose wood, there are dozens of options within that category as well. Each material type has its pros and cons, but you’ll be looking to your financial plan as well as your own stylistic tastes when you are choosing a material.

Iron and steel fences are beautiful and long-lasting, but they’re always the most expensive options. On the other hand, farm fencing or chain link fences are cheap, but they’re not very appealing to the eye. Wood and vinyl usually fall in the middle range and are the most common choices among homeowners; wood is by far the most common choice.

In case you’re putting up a fence, you are going to need to put up gates. It’s a bit more complicated than you might think, and your gates will not hang or they will not open and close, in case you do it wrong.

The type of gate you get will be largely dependent upon the type. Obviously you’ll want to get a gate that matches your fence; however, you will still have several options under that category. Most gates of the same material will be of comparable prices , so pick the style that you like best.

Amount to Fence
This probably something that you haven’t thought much about, but it is extremely important. Are you someone who just wants a privacy fence put in around their backyard?
The amount of yard you want to fence will be a huge influencing factor that might influence you in the type of material and will affect your budget you choose.

Height of Fence
First, it’s going to depend on your own preferences. Do you want a tall privacy fence or just a low fence to keep your dog in the yard while you can nevertheless talk to your neighbors? It might not be up to you.

They will likely have some limitations on how tall your fence can be should you live in an HOA community; they may even have ordinances concerning the material you’ll be able to use, so be certain to check on these things. There may be city ordinances even if it’s the case that you don’t live where there’s an HOA. You should check city ordinances before completing any kind of construction.

Gate Openers
Finally, you may be able to decide on how your new gates will open, close, and latch. You may just want a straightforward manual latch, in the event you have a standard backyard fence.